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Plasma Cutter TL-50C | Non-Touch Pilot Arc High Frequency Start

Plasma Cutter TL-50C | Non-Touch Pilot Arc High Frequency Start

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· Input Voltage:110(120)V/220(230)V

· Input Current:23.2A(110V)/21.6A(220V)

· Rated Duty Cycle:60%(50A)

· Protection Class:IP21S

· Insulation Class:F

· Output Voltage:96V

· Max. Output Current:50A


1. Non-Touch pilot ARC: Efficiently cuts through rough, painted, and rusty surfaces. Cut without touching the metal. Better cutting quality and longer consumable life.

2. Powerful: Up to 50A output, 60% Duty Cycle, maximum 1/2" Clean Cut.

3. Amperage Adjustable: 15A~40A @110V / 20A-50A @220V

4. Digital Display:visible to cutting current, convenient to adjust the amp.

5. Multi-application: widely used for cutting stainless steel, alloy steel, mild steel, copper, and other metal materials.

6. Dual Voltage Design: allows the machine to run directly on 110 V power or on 220 V with the use of a power adapter.


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  • · Non-touch Polit ARC, the torch head does not need to touch the metal plate, then it will start arc. Can cut though rough, painted, and rusty surfaces efficiently longer consumable life.
  • · Up tp 50A output, can handle 1/2" Clean Cut at 220v.
  • · Auto-voltage can be operated at 110V or 220V input power.
  • · Equipped with a digital display, can easily read the current data.
  • · Recommend 25A breaker at 220V, 40A breaker at 110V.
  • · Suggested air pressure 220V@73PSI 50 Amps, 110V@65PSI 40 Amps.

    · Incorporates non-touch pilot arc cutting processes, cutting effect is very ideal and can finish the work regardless if the material is very rough, rusty, greasy, dirty, spray painted, etc. Meanwhile longer consumable life.

  • 110V or 220V Dual Voltage

    · With 50A heavy duty plug adapter, auto-voltage adapts to 110 V - 220 V input power.

  • Cutting Thickness

    · Input voltage 110VDC, Cutting current 40Amps output, 13/64 inch clean-cut, 25/64 inch max cutting thickness

    · Input voltage 220VDC, Cutting current 50Amps output, 15/64 inch clean-cut, 31/64 inch max cutting thickness.

  • USE

    · Equipped with a heavy-duty cooling fan to help heat dissipation.

    · Inner comes with automatic thermal overload protection.

    · Powered by standard 110(120)V household current, using an adapter can be connected to 220(230)V circuit.

  • Package Included

    · 1*TL-50C Plasma Cutter

    · 1*Plasma Cutting Torch

    · 1*110 Volt to 220 Volt power adapter

    · 1*10' Ground Clamp

    · 1*Gas Hose 8'

    · 1*Air Pressure Regular

    · 1*Electrode *3, Nozzle *2, Extend Tips *3

    · 1*Instruction

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