Welding helmet common problem

1. Not working

A.Low battery---change a new battery

B.Weak signal of the solar panel in dim using condition(the illumination is less than 15LUX)--- try to increase the sensitivity or brighten the using condition

C.Broken wire connection with the adjustments

D.Wrong mode of Grind,

E.Damage of internal electrical components

2. Not auto-darkening under sunlight

A.Low battery

B.Wrong mode of Grind

3.Damage of internal electrical components Flashing

A.Dead battery

B.The distance of to the welding work piece, which is at the critical point of auto darkening and non auto darkening

C.Interference of outside strong signal or many light sources.

D.Low current and sensitivity.

E.The cracked filter or damage of the electric circuit.

4. Not auto brightening after welding unless hitting on the helmet or waving the hands

A. Long delays

B.High sensitivity when it is bright --wave hands.

5. Falling helmet

A.Headband setup with the catch on the side ,have a hold effect in the upright position

B.Tighten the knob

6. High sensitivity when it is set up to the lowest

A.Damage of sensitivity adjustment

B.Inconsistent personal feeling with large welding current

7. Easy broken headgear adjustment

Not to tight too much so as not to damage the adjustment