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Stick Welder Machine 195A 110/220V Dual Voltage MMA Welder TL-195S

Stick Welder Machine 195A 110/220V Dual Voltage MMA Welder TL-195S

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· Input Voltage: 110(120)V/220(230)V

· Input Current: 32.5A(110V)/22.4A(220V)

· Rated Duty Cycle: 60%(195A)

· Protection Class: IP21S

· Insulation Class: F

· Output Voltage: 27.8V

· Max. Output Current: 195A


1. Dual voltage:110/220V, 120A@110V/195A@220V.

2. Up to 195A 

3. Capability for welding mild steel.

4. Suitable for E6010/6011/6013/7018 electrode.

5. Built-in hot start, anti-stick, arc force.

6. Compact portable design, mini size.

7. Capability for Lift TIG (TIG torch not included).

8. 60% duty cycle

9. Robust thrust, deep Melton pool, and less splatter.

10. Weld Plate Max. Thickness:

11. E7018/6013/6014 electrode:3/32”(2.5mm)@110V, 5/32”(4mm)@220V for mild steel. (DCEP)

12. E6010/6011 cellulose electrode:5/64”(2mm)@110V, 9/64”(3.5mm)@220V for mild steel. (DCEN)


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· Can handleE6010 cellulose electrode,fits below5/32in.(4.0mm)welding rods.

· Equipped withprotection equipmentinternally to prevent over heat, over current,temperature control to make sure safely operation.

· Built inHot-start,Anti-stick,Arc-force, easy to operate for beginner

· Comes withdual voltage110V/220V input power and adapter, almost all of the voltages can be used.

· 2 function in 1 machine: Suitable for MMA, Lift TIG; Lift TIG is optional(need buy extra tig lift torch,not included inside product)

  • Anti-Stick

    · Safe and convenient for beginner,avoid sticking electrodes on work plate, affecting the quality and efficiency of welding

  • Dig-Arc force

    · Smoth arc on celloluse,make welding electrode welding smooth, not easy to break.

  • Hot Start

    · Start arc easy and fast.High quality arc starting,reduce the probability of initial defects in the arc.

  • Welding Polarity

    · 6011/6013/7018: Locate the Ground Clamp with Cable and connect the plug on the cable end to the Negative Connector (–) on the Welder.(DCEP)

    · E6010: Locate the Ground Clamp with Cable and connect the plug on the cable end to the Positive Connector (+) on the Welder.(DCEN)

  • Dual Voltage Input Design

    · Can switch between 110/220V input power with adapter,almost all of the voltages can be used.

  • Package Included

    · 1*Stick Welder

    · 1*Electrode Holder & 10 feet Cable

    · 1*Ground Clamp & 10 feet Cable

    · 1*10 feet Power Cord with 120V

    · 1*50A Heavy Duty Adapter

    · 1*User Manual