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ARC Welder 135A Stick Welding Machine TL-135S-PRO TOOLIOM

ARC Welder 135A Stick Welding Machine TL-135S-PRO TOOLIOM

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· Input Voltage: 110(120)V

· Input Current: 25.5A(110V)

· Rated Duty Cycle:60%

· Protection Class:IP21S

· Insulation Class:F

· Output Voltage: 25.4V

· Output Current: 135A

· Net Weight: 4.84LB (2.2KG)


1. Can handle E6010 cellulose electrode, adopting IGBT Inverter power system,suitable for mild steel, cast iron, stainless steel as well as hard surfacing.

2. Equipped with digital display and trouble indicate,read the output welding current.

3. Built-in excellent anti-stick, arc force, hot start and other functions,easy to operate,safe and convenient for beginner.

4. Portable: With adjustable shoulder strap,is convenient to carry between job sites or use.


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· Can handle E6010 cellulose electrode

· Adjustable hot start,arc force & VRD

· Portable design,mini size,easy to carry

· Support 110V input voltage

· Suitable for lift TIG (torch is not included)

· Robust thrust, deep melton pool, and less splatter

· Lift TIG is optional(need buy extra tig lift torch,not included

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  • Hot Start

    Start arc easy and fast.High quality arc starting,reduce the probability of initial defects in the arc.

  • Dig-Arc force

    Smoth arc on celloluse,make welding electrode welding smooth, not easy to break.

  • VRD On/Off

    It enhances safety by reducing electric shock risk, saves energy when idle, and offers flexibility for various welding tasks.

  • Handle cellulose electrode

    • E6010: Connect the ground clamp cable to the Positive Connector (+) on the welder (DCEN).
    • E6011/6013/7018: Connect the ground clamp cable to the Negative Connector (–) on the welder (DCEP).
  • Compact / Light-Weight / Portable

    · This stick welder come with adjustable shoulder strap,easy for translation and storage.

  • Package Included

    · 1 x Stick Welder
    · 1 x Electrode Holder & 6.5 feet Cable
    · 1 x Ground Clamp & 6.5 feet Cable
    · 1 x User Manual